The Ontario Hostelry Institute brings together those men and women who are special practionners of this historic art of hospitality and honors them as members of the Pineapple Brigade. 

While these men and women have been honored by our industry, in many significant ways, the Brigade acknowledges the special recognitions they have received through our academic Institutions, by their honourary degrees, and by virtue of this country's highest civilian honors, as in the case of the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario.

Pineapple Brigade members:

Carolyn J. Clark BAB,  J. Charles Grieco BAB, LL.D Anita Stewart CM. LL.D, Anne Sade CM, Jamie Kennedy CM, Donald Ziraldo CM, LL.D, Elizabeth Baird CM,Stephen P Foster BAB, LL.D, Peter Oliver BAB, LL.D, Alison Fryer BAB,Michael Beckley BAB, Donna Dooher BAB, Brenda Brown BAB, Carolyn J. Clark BAB,  J. Charles Grieco BAB, LL.D